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LOST IN GREY MATTER, Alex, Rob and John Introduce COMMON

Last Thursday evening we finally got an understanding of the question we’ve all been asking for the last 6 months: where is FearLess going? In a cramped room in humble Boulder, Alex Bogusky, Rob Schuham (my agency’s founder and owner) and John Bielenberg took us through their process of initially striving to inspire and ignite a “consumer revolution” to giving birth to COMMON, whose mission is to “design a capitalism that spreads love and prosperity to all stakeholders”, through a sort of living, breathing, collaborative network of social problem-solving. One part media company (FearLess), one part global community and one part social venture launch pad (dubbed the Out-cubator), COMMON will strive to set the precedence for Capitalism 2.0. I’m thrilled to see this taking place here in Boulder and cannot wait to see what comes next. Head on over to FearLess to watch or download the presentation. A couple of my favorite slides can be seen after the break.
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